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Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Is your organisation at the point where you know you need a good Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)? Perhaps you've been through several rounds of recruitment and failed to find someone with the right mix of skills and experience that you are looking for? Or worse, you found them and couldn't afford to hire them.

With salaries currently starting at £100k before on-costs and benefits; respected, experienced CISOs are simply out of reach of lots of private companies, let alone non-profit organisaitons such as government, NHS and charities.

So what are your options? Accept the risk and hope nothing bad happens? Hire someone inexperienced that you hope will grow into the job and if not, it still ticks a box? Is either one going to assure the board and/or shareholders?

There's another way... introducing our virtual CISO service.

You can gain regular access to the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience aquired over two decades for a fraction of the cost and without the staff management overheads that come with employing a member of staff.  If you just caught a glimpse of light through the tunnel; get in touch for a free discovery call to discuss how we can be the guiding light that leads you out of it and into a more relaxed state, confident in the knowledge that we've taken the time to understand your organisation and care about helping you to protect it.

Michala writing on Surface

Company badges - InfoTech, Certified Partner, Cyberfirst Associate, BSI memebr, FSB member