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Michala speaking with a client in front of a whiteboard with the Cybility Blended Learning Experience Logo

Our Services

With over a decade’s worth of information governance and cybersecurity leadership experience, we understand how frustrating and stressful working in the field can be for non-profits. With limited resources and new threats around the corner to prepare for, your work is never done.

That’s why we've developed a unique methodology that reduces anxiety and gives you the capacity to take a proactive approach, demonstrating that with you in the lead, security really is a business enabler.

Working with us is straightforward. All you have to do is…

  1. Pick the service(s) you need help with:
    • CISO Advisor
    • Virtual CISO
    • Information Governance and Cybersecurity Consultancy
    • Information Assurance  
    • Cybersecurity Training, Education and Awareness Seminars and Workshops;
  2. Book a discovery call to find out more;
  3. Receive a proposal;
  4. Engage us;
  5. Lower your business risk; increase your business resilience..



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