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CSIRTxp: Cyber Security Incident Response Experience - can your organisation handle an attack?

Our approach - Prepare > Participate > Probe

Cybility Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) Experience (Alumni)


At Cybility we provide a unique gamified learning experience with a highly interactive and immersive scenario that can be tailored to your organisation. 

Preparation includes our online training giving every member of your team an improved chance of effective performance when they participate in the exercise.  We probe into how things went and use specific examples in the cold wash (debrief) for your team to reflect upon and consider how the incident response process can be improved.

On completion of the experience, we provide your organisation with an after action report that includes focus areas for improvement.  Participants receive a digital certificate and are issued witih the Cybility Cybersecurity Incident Response Team Experience (CSIRTxp) Alumni badge which can be shared on LinkedIn or other social media.

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Why rehearse incident response?

As the compromises of organisations continue to Increase resulting in a halt to operations and increased costs; more organisations recognise the need for a cybersecurity incident response plan.

However, a written plan is only effective when it is tested on a regular basis – ideally using different scenarios and taking account of personnel availability and changes, and so on.

The process of going through a mock scenario is incredibly useful as it will:

  • Enable the organisation to identify potential gaps in the plan and procedures that may be needed;

  • Build incident response capability within the team;
  • Increase understanding of the need for the different roles to be involved;

  • Build a sense of comradery in the cybersecurity incident response team (CSIRT).

Like any physical activity - exercising builds muscle memory. The more you do it, the more confident you can be in your organisation’s ability to respond to a cyber-attack.